Our Oganization

It is an organic history in that in writing about an organisation, it is not dates and events, but processes and programmes that lead to those events.

Our Organization

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, when we reflect on NACTU’s ten years of existence in terms of successes and failure, this website presents the organic history of NACTU.

Our Organization

It is a never ending war as long as the economic superstructure remains a capitalist superstructure.

Our Organization

NACTU has gone through many battles in the never ending war for social justice and better living standards for working people.

Our History

The National Council of Trade Unions is a result of a merger between the Council of Unions of South Africa (CUSA) and the Azanian Confederate of Trade Unions (AZACTU) that took place on the 5th of October 1986 in Broederstroom.  This merger was a sequel to abortive unity talks that took place on the 8th and 9th of June 1985 at Ipelegeng.
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Mr Narius Moloto

General Secretary


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